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Help us to gather the best 3D printing ressources for beginners and intermediate

Posted by jonathdeisgn 

My team and I have made this website 3D4U.CO Our goal is to gather the best (most FREE) ressources on 3D printing, CAD and Image rendering. Our goal is to gather at one place the best free ressources possible for beginners and intermediate users.

I won't lie to anyone here, it's content marketing, my team and I hope that there's about 1-2 % that would go visit the website of our startup (nepsu.com). We are trying to use the same strategy as Growth.supply and makerbook.net. The idea came out from the fact that, we've made many 3D prints the past year to develop the product that we are launching soon. Nonetheless, most of the stuff on 3D4U.CO is free and there's no adds on it, we haven't found any other website that does what we do.

So I'm asking this community some support, any comment that could lead to potential improvement is well appreciated smiling smiley 3D4U.CO

Thank You,

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