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Correct way to enter Z axis offset

Posted by jnsbanman 
Correct way to enter Z axis offset
March 16, 2016 10:58AM
When I print items with holes on the z axis they come out ever so slightly squashed... Maybe only the amount of a few layers.

If my nozzle is set to 0.127mm above the bed should that number be in the z axis offset since Z 0 is actually 0.127mm below what it thinks is 0? Should that number be negative or positive?
Re: Correct way to enter Z axis offset
March 17, 2016 09:20AM
If you enter a positive let's say 10, then when it homes that spot will be 10. So in your case telling it.127 would let it know it's actual height.

Though I solve this particular problem with a start getting code that tells it to go to.2 for my first layer
G1 Z.2 300

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