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Filament getting jammed on the spool

Posted by Fiddleback 
Filament getting jammed on the spool
April 08, 2016 09:28PM
I'm still in early stages of learning the mechanics of my printer. My last three prints were aborted partway through, because the filament wrapped around itself wrong, and couldn't unwrap from the reel. It's on a horizontal dowel now, but the problem persists. The head couldn't pull hard enough to untangle, and in one instance, pulled the whole printer to the side, and stopped feeding. What are the best ways of solving this particular problem? I can still print, but I have to babysit the printer, and manually untangle filament every so often.
Re: Filament getting jammed on the spool
April 08, 2016 10:19PM
So far the best way I have found is to control the filament at all times so that it remains tight on the spool. That means that when you are removing and replacing the spool on the printer you have to keep the filament under tension- don't let it spring loose and uncoil. Once it does that you may have tangling problems.

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Re: Filament getting jammed on the spool
April 09, 2016 01:23AM
Figured it out. There was a knot on the spool where it was wrapped incorrectly. I had just been pushing the knot farther down the line, but it just popped back up later. I had to unwind a good length until I got to the twist, and wind it back up straight.
Re: Filament getting jammed on the spool
April 09, 2016 04:12AM
I find 1.75mm comes off the reel much better and having the reel horizontal seems to help rather than vertical. Putting bearings on the spool is all well and good but its bad winding on spools, not friction from the spool which causes problems. A little friction on the spool keeps the filament from flapping about too much.

Also I've heard a few stories lately of printers climbing the filament and tipping over when a spool has jammed. It is surely best not to have so much grip on the filament that it can lift the whole printer off the bench?
Re: Filament getting jammed on the spool
April 09, 2016 04:25AM
I've found that when the filament breaks or you unload it from the extruder drive, if you let it spring back on to the reel then it sometimes ties itself in a single knot. So I check for this before reloading the filament. When storing filament, I always secure the end in one of the holes in the spool cheeks.

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