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Need support | Hot end and z axis problems

Posted by Avib82 
Need support | Hot end and z axis problems
April 29, 2016 04:29AM
Good day dear friends.
Ive had renewed my prusa mendel i3 building project after 2 years that i didnt touched it.

Ive managed to fully aconsyruct and upgrade it and now when i started to test it i have few problems .

1) I have problems to move my z axis .
When i give the signal i hear the engines try to move .
At first both of the z axis connections of the cables was parallel to one output on the ramp , then i made each one to a single output but still have problems with moving the z axis .

2) I have problem extruding the fillament.
I have j-head mrk 3 if im not mistaking.
Im trying to use the ABS fillament.
At first i cancell the weel to push in the fillameny and tryed to push the fillament manually .
I had preheated the head to diffrent C temperatures 240-265 .
Then when i started to push i had few "drops" of the fillament out of the nozzle and couldnt get out anymore.
I did ordered PLA instead of the ABS to try but it still didnt arrived so cant get any opinion about PLA on the hot end .

Would be very glad to hear your opinions of what should i try to do .

Best regards and thank you for any reply.

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Re: Need support | Hot end and z axis problems
April 30, 2016 12:21PM
Regarding problem 1 - do you mean you are using two stepper drivers one for each z axis motor, or are you connecting the both motors to the z axis connector on ramps? This is effectively parallel as they are both connected directly to the z axis stepper driver.

In any case the problem sounds like not enough current. Either carefully turn up the potentiometer on the z axis stepper until the motors move smoothly and without too much noise or assuming youre using fairly standard 40mm nema 17 motors measure the voltage from ground on your psu to the pot, and set it for around 0.4. Don't disconnect motors with the power on and don't short anything adjusting the pot.

I don't know about problem 2 - maybe dismantle your hot end and ensure it is not blocked.

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