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Ingeo PLA 3d850, have you used it.

Posted by Kasahabo 
Ingeo PLA 3d850, have you used it.
May 20, 2016 04:32AM
I have discovered a PLA filament and have a couple of questions regarding it. The resin is made by NatureWorks. The specific name seems to be “Ingeo PLA” even more specific “Ingeo PLA 3d850”. Is this something you have used, what were your experiences? I tried to do a search for anybody that has used it on this site and did not come up with anything.

Although I have not used it myself the product does look promising.
From what I can tell it takes the desirable properties of PLA such as ease of printing and low shrink rate and melds them with the desirable properties of ABS such as impact strength and heat deformation temperature.

The following link contains some information you may or may not find interesting. This includes some information regarding the manufacture and comparison to other filaments.

[bootsindustries.com] ... -filament/

The following are two that sell it (The only vendors I have found). This is not the cheapest material in the world but, if it delivers as promised it may well be worth it.

Boots Industries sells it as “Super Premium PLA” they are from Canada.

3dom USA is another.

Thank you
Re: Ingeo PLA 3d850, have you used it.
May 20, 2016 03:41PM
I got a small sample from filabits and printed a few test pieces with it. It has a nice appearance and printed very precisely. I didn't do much to evaluate it mechanically (and the site you linked to suggests this is what it's good for), though I did use it for a couple of links in a drag chain. Page 21 of my [docs.google.com] has a few examples.

See my blog at [moosteria.blogspot.com].
Re: Ingeo PLA 3d850, have you used it.
May 21, 2016 02:17AM

Thank you for responding. I do intend on trying it, just haven't settled on color. Your filementary write up is useful to me. Thanks again....
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