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melzi v1.1 to melzi v2 help

Posted by kkwong1951 
melzi v1.1 to melzi v2 help
June 05, 2016 06:06AM
1 bought 1 prepap i3 with melzi v1.1. after 1 year not working no led light on. I bought a new melzi v2 1284p diy. after installed i test x, y,z end stop: x can go right but not left: y ok:z press 1mm up it go about 10mm up.when press down it down and hit the bed non stop. I send m119 result:x,y,z_min:trigger. I manually move the head to hit the x ,y,z microswitch, I press home all the head move abit right,abit front and down hit the bed without stopping. please help! thank
when I send g28 x0 y0 : y go infront x go right: I send g28 z0 : z go up?

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