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Auto Level

Posted by Jorgo 
Auto Level
June 12, 2016 09:33AM
I have set up auto leveling with a servo but am having issues with the homing positions, my original positions of 0,0,0 are the issue as this leaves my servo-arm out in no mans land off the print area, how do I use the offsets that I set up in MARLIN to create a new servo homeing position to give me auto leveling then return me to 0,0,0 for printing? Help with G - M codes appreciated but mainly firmware code please as this is making me nutty...
Re: Auto Level
June 12, 2016 07:32PM
Open Marlin, go to configuration h file, go to ABL settings, find safe homing position and set your X and Y safe location to home Z... Quite easy.
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