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3D printing toolbelt mobile app

Posted by filamentshop 
3D printing toolbelt mobile app
June 16, 2016 05:14AM
Hello Everyone,

I have some resources free and am thinking of building an app (Android/IOS) sort of tool-belt for 3D Printing.
I use Octodroid currently to control my printer, but the free version have limitations and for some reason I can't upgrade to paid version, I tried.
Regardless I can think of few more futures that could make my life so much easier...
Now before I go and implement something that I would be the only user of I wonder if there are any features you would be looking for in such app?
Step calculators, calibration gcodes, gcode editor, integration with other printers and if so what software? cloud slicer integration maybe?
Let me know - I think this might be interesting project and I'm happy to invest some time and money in it as long as it'll prove to be something actually useful.

Cheers, Larry.
t: @makerlarry
w: www.filamentshop.ie
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