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Annoying start sequence

Posted by Kafledelius 
Annoying start sequence
June 23, 2016 01:33PM
Hello Reprappers!

So i've been printing for a while, and something really bugs me!
Im using ABL and its working perfectly.
I use CURA as slicer.
What annoys me is that the auto bed leveling sequence ends in the corner furthest away from the starting point (0, 0) and cura starts the skirt and print closest to the starting point.

This means, that when cura primes the nozzle, it drags the primed filament across the build space, which is used for printing.
I know i can add a simple G1 movement to the start gcode, and make the head travel back to 0, 0 before priming.
However, id like things to be as smooth as possible, which to me means either reversning the ABL (Which would make no sense since there would have to be a travel movement in the beginning instead of the end) or somehow make the slicer start printing somewhere near the stop point of the auto bed levelling sequence.

Is the latter possible?
Re: Annoying start sequence
June 28, 2016 04:48PM
Hi Kafledelius!

Since most slicer are open-source, you can add an issue to the bug tracking github. I suggest to suggest to check if there is an ABL in the starting Gcode, then adjust the starting point of the print.

However, I think it may be tricky because there are few algorithms available for ABL, so I'm not sure if each one end up at the same place.

You may want to play inside your firmware configuration to see if an other ABL method could solve your problem.

Hope it helped!

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