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Cura 2.1.2 - Blobs

Posted by Kafledelius 
Cura 2.1.2 - Blobs
June 25, 2016 07:12AM
Hello Reprap!

After i've updated from 15.04.06 to 2.1.2 (Cura) - i see blobs on my print sad smiley it seems that it has a micro pause after each perimeter printer, where as the older version (15.04.06) did not - What could cause this?
Did 15.04.06 have some kind of coasting distance preprogrammed?
Re: Cura 2.1.2 - Blobs
June 28, 2016 04:39PM

First, try uninstall it and reinstall it. You might have a older config file somewhere that is causing it to react badly.

Second, check if the filament has the same temperature configuration as before. Maybe the standard temperature for PLA has changed.

For stopping like this, it might be a communication problem too, you can check your cable.

Hope it helped!

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