I can't get my teacup firmware to work
July 13, 2016 11:18AM
Hi, I'm completely new to this so i know nothing about teacup.
I'm using an arduino uno and the teacup firmware. I had some trouble opening teacup after I downloaded it. I downloaded the Teacup firmware master branch package from rep rap wiki. I followed the instructions on Rep Rap wiki but i didn't understand how to set it up. they said to double click on the configtool.py, which i did, but the python window opened for a fraction then closed. I also downloaded python version 2.7.12. from here. Is there anything else I need to download to make it work? Can someone please tell me how i can open teacup, set it up and use it with my arduino uno r3?
Thanks a lot, Mitch

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Re: I can't get my teacup firmware to work
July 13, 2016 11:51PM
In general, you'll get more help if you post these questions down in the software section. There is a thread for teacup where people are willing to help out.

Regarding the configtool window disappearing too fast to see what's going on, it soulds to me like you might be missing some python packages. If you open up a command window, and in the command window, change into the folder where configtool.py is located, and then enter the following command: "python configtool.py". The python window will most likely disappear quickly as before, but in the command window you should see some error messages that will help us to diagnose your problem.

If you get a message indicating that it does not recognize python as a command, then you do not have python in your path. In this case, you will need to specify the entire path to python. Assuming you installed it in the standard locations, the above command line should be changed to "C:\Python27\python.exe configtool.py"
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