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Australian Suppliers

Posted by Nathan 
Australian Suppliers
March 24, 2007 08:06PM
Hi All,
Those of you based in Australia may find this handy. I've been doing some searches on the net and have found some suppliers:

Stepper Motors (& controllers!): [www.oceancontrols.com.au] - I'm going to buy a couple and try them out - they have a step angle of 1.8 degree and decent torque.
[www.rs-components.com.au] also do them but they are quite expensive due to the higher quality (meant for industrial use).

Drive Belts, bearings & other fun stuff:
[www.rs-components.com.au] (click on "Mechanical Tools & Consumables" then "Mechanical Transmission/bearings" - you'll find Polyurethane belts going for decent prices)

General electronics:

Prinitng Materials: [www.armsmodelit.com.au] seem to have a decent range for those wishing to experiment with different materials

www.hobbyco.com.au - can pick up thin acrylic rods if you intend to use this as a feed stock. You'll need to heat to a decent temperature though.
Re: Australian Suppliers
July 29, 2009 09:04PM
Hi Nathan thanks for all the handy links, i'm sure you must be tired of reading this, but do you know anyone at all that prints the needed components (corner brackets, bed clamps e.t.c.) If you do, that would be great to know.


Eddy urias
Re: Australian Suppliers
October 13, 2009 11:52PM
also check out [ausxmods.com.au] which seems to be a far cheaper source of suitable motors than oceancontrols. I haven't tried them just yet though
Re: Australian Suppliers
October 14, 2009 02:40AM
Thanks for the links

Maybe this should be an offical page on reprap?

Surpliers by country

Re: Australian Suppliers
November 02, 2009 07:06PM
just got my motors from ausxmods, had zero issues and they arrived very quickly smiling smiley

I was surprised to find that with the windings shorted, I was completely unable to turn the shaft, and with just one winding shorted, it was very difficult and had significant cogging. With no windings shorted, it feels like a brushless motor, a little resistance but nothing significant. This bodes well for torque I think.

62Oz.in = 4.46Kg.cm =~ 0.437Nm
Re: Australian Suppliers
November 15, 2009 09:24PM
I've just received some steppers from a seller on ebay (in the US) who trades as "steppersource". I bought some 400 steps-per-rev Vextas from him because I aim to start with a g-code driver board I've already got, but it's unipolar and doesn't microstep. I'm not too concerned about torque, although these are little more than half the torque of equivalent 200-steppers.
The seller has a wide range, including bulk available, and they're a good price. The NEMA 17s I bought cost USD 12 each, and the 200 steppers are USD 19. USPS mail got them to Sydney in about 8 days for USD 20. I recommend the seller, good service and price.
I consider myself lucky. Australia's got good currency value and great access to buying from overseas. It always pays to have a look around though, there're two or three websites associated to a company in Queensland, one of which is [www.smallparts.com.au] who've got bearings for less than vxb in the 'States. They've also got threaded rod, ground shaft, a huge range of belts (there're three or four choices of 5mm pitch types, the same for Imperial pitches) and pulleys if you want them, for what I think are good prices.
Re: Australian Suppliers
November 17, 2009 05:15AM
just got my bearings from Small Parts and Bearings.

There was a small hiccup in the ordering process whereby it didn't get confirmed for a week, but they were very good about it, and gave me free shipping in compensation. I get the impression that heads may have rolled.

Order arrived in double-quick time, and I can't wait to try these little bearings out!
Re: Australian Suppliers
November 18, 2009 06:46AM
I gotta say Ausxmods is fantastic. I'm using them again for all my future mendel steppers.
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