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Heads up on Makergeek's shipping

Posted by george graves 
Heads up on Makergeek's shipping
September 13, 2016 01:46PM
I heard great things about their filament, and although they wouldn't honor a coupon code that I had, I didn't hesitate to place and order with it's baked in price for free UPS Ground. I was excited to get it and immediately had plans to start using it for a project that weekend. Woot!

But then I got an tracking email....turns out that they do a little bait-and-switch with the shipping (maybe Bait/switch is too strong of a term?). But.... My package wasn't being sent as "UPS Ground" as advertised, rather my package was actually going to arrive by UPS "Smart Post" adding 5 extra days to the shipping! So if you're ordering from them, you might want to order well in advance.

Anyways, I was very annoyed by the whole thing, maybe I shouldn't be. Adding to the annoyance is that they tried to sell me on that "Smart-Post is UPS Ground; they are the same thing it’s just better service..." and that's total bull poop, every knows "Smart Post" is an inferior shipping method. Anyways, long story short, they refunded my order - PS - I'm not suggesting that you order from them, and then complain if it ships using "Smart Post" just to get a free order of filament or something - just a heads up on the old shipping switcheroo they've got going on.

BTW - got some of their PLA, and after long time of my i3 sitting in the corner cause poor amazon filament, I've got my machine up and running great. Will order from them again.

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