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G0 /G1?

Posted by clearlynotstefan 
G0 /G1?
October 05, 2016 07:23AM
Marlin firmware, repetier host software, prusa I3.

In repetier exist 5 buttons that we can program to execute g codes. I have a few set to home all and auto level, but I like to keep my bed straight too. To facilitate this I wrote a gcode to allow me to focus just on the bed and not on moving things. The goal is to use G1 movement and G4 dwell commands to run me to a corner, wait 15 seconds, run me to a different corner wait 15 sec etc. So let's stay I'm starting at 0,0 I have g1 x0 y0 then g4 s10, etc. Only problem is when I run it, the extruder suffers loudly while it clicks it's way over to the corner slower than molasses. Everything works, during prints my moves across x and why are perfect. Any ideas?
Re: G0 /G1?
October 05, 2016 12:33PM
You need to include a feedrate. If you do not, then it will use what ever feed rate was used last.

Most Reprap firmware will treat G0 (rapid) and G1 the same, but technically G0 is uncoordinated. Use G1 if you wonder.

So lets say you wanted to travel to X100,Y100 at 60mm/sec, note - the feed rate is in MM per min:

G1 X100 Y100 F3600

That should be a perfectly normal move. Use uppercase.
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