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Large format all in one

Posted by yoyobob19 
Large format all in one
October 10, 2016 11:56PM
So my friend and i are engineering students and we started the designing a large format all in 3d printer / cnc / everything and made one small (very ugly) prototype. After doing so we realize we really didn't know if anyone would be interested in such a machine preliminary specs are below.

3d printer controller: smoothieboard or Azteeg X3 PRO 3D printer Controller for quad extrusion

we are planning to use a separate cnc computer breakout to run the machine so it is mach 3/ mach 4 compatible.

X 1850mm
Y 1830mm
Z 1200mm to 1300 mm
steps per mm for x y and z are around 10k
dual extrudes to quad extrudes
high powered cnc motor
10 watt laser
more tools are coming....
we trying to reach 300mm/s on our high accuracy design and 800mm/s plus on our speed design
MSRP: around 15000 usd to 20000 usd.

the machine will be made out of aluminium and harden steel. No 3d printed structural parts.

We plan to make the pin out/ mounting holes of our mount available to the public allow people to develop on it if it gets enough attention. we will also make smaller version of this machine based on our modular design

If any is interested please comment below or shoot me a pm. I would be great if we could get attention and community support. thanks and have a great day !!!
Re: Large format all in one
October 11, 2016 01:11AM
Interesting, but you need to do a little math. 300 mm/sec at 10k steps per mm requires 3M step pulses/sec. Smoothieboard is good to 100k.

I don't know what sort of architecture you're planning, but accelerating a rigid - i.e. heavy- body that is 1.8m long will take a lot more muscle than an Azteeg or Smoothieboard can deliver without external drivers. You'll probably need some big motors and big power supplies to go with them.

There's absolutely no need to use 10k steps/mm in any axis. You're squirting out molten plastic. Once it leaves the nozzle it does whatever it wants until it cools and hardens. Flinging plastic around at 300 mm/sec sounds really cool, but I have yet to see a quality print produced at anywhere close to that speed. The plastic is liquid, and has inertia. You may start and stop the motion of the machine quickly, but the plastic wants to keep moving.

For something that size and speed I'd probably look at servo motors and drivers.

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Re: Large format all in one
October 11, 2016 01:17AM
We are running on external drives and stepper motors are running 1/256 microstepping we are using a nema 34 stepper right now and we are either going to offer servos in the final product or offer a upgrade kit currently with out ball screw approach we are at 50 to 100 mm/s and the faster version will only be able to have around 80 steps per mm
Re: Large format all in one
October 11, 2016 01:20AM
It's highly likely that the final product will use a full servo drive. The msrp will not change.
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