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Kossel Level Issue

Posted by urable2 
Kossel Level Issue
October 19, 2016 02:31PM
I have a mini kossel that you guys helped me with the firmware for ramps board. I am printing now but when it prints it is higher on one end and lower on the other. I have it zeroed correctly. I have measured and remeasured all the offsets(effector, carriage, smooth rod). I have used the G29 Auto level and still it raises up on one end and to close on the other end.

Any ideas?


Re: Kossel Level Issue
October 19, 2016 09:24PM
I believe there was a setting in the configuration file to augment the "flatness" of the movement it is "DELTA_RADIUS". Mine did the same thing until I tweaked it. Some very fine tweaking of that parameter and careful visual confirmation is how I got mine to level properly. When you do change it make sure to do your testing like 10-20mm above the plane at the printer's center and always travel slow. I found out the hardway trying to confirm it much lower to the build plate and crashed the print head into the build plate.

Hope this helps!
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