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Delta printer motors not moving

Posted by fuganter 
Delta printer motors not moving
October 23, 2016 02:58AM
Hi all,

So I have a delta printer I am trying to get working and none of the steppers, including the exturder are working. It is a MKS Base 1.5 board with the integrated stepper drivers. All the drivers are set t 0.6v and I think all of the wiring is correct but I've been troubleshooting this for about 6 hours and still can't figure it out.

When I try to home the printer all the axis steppers vibrate and do not move.

When I try to extrude filament the extruder just goes back and forth fast and does not extrude.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If I didn't give enough info please let me know.

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Re: Delta printer motors not moving
October 23, 2016 03:20AM
...sounds like wrong stepper wiring. vibrating steppers want to run back and forth all the time. You can try to switch red/blue wires OR black/green. ( not both at the same time )
Re: Delta printer motors not moving
October 23, 2016 06:43AM
I've tried all of these combos.

Black, Blue, Red, Green
Red, Blue, Black, Green
Black, Green, Red, Blue
Red, Green, Black, Blue
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