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Initial Power of Hictop moves all axis one direction for 1 second then reverses in an endless cycle

Posted by distantkitty 
I recently built a Hictop 3DP-11-ATL, upon initial power on every stepper motor will move one direction then reverse for one second and endlessly repeat the process. All the heating elements begin to heat up and the cooling fans pulse in speed in relation to the intervals of the steppers...

The LCD does work and I have full access to the menu. I have tried disconnecting everything but a single motor but still have no luck

The control board is the MPX.3, I can't seem to find the firmware for this machine to attempt to reload it.

Any ideas? Thanks!
according to this its MKS_BASE comptable

So should be easy to make the standard marlin run on it

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At first sight, it seems to be related to endstops. But without a homing command, the motors shouldn't move at power up.
I ended up finding the firmware for this Hictop on Thingiverse, it now works fine. I'm assuming it had some initial loop test installed on this board for testing but was never flashed with firmware afterwards.
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