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Need advice please

Posted by Anthony 
Need advice please
December 13, 2007 11:17PM
I'm new to 3d printing, and I am trying to see if it is something that could fabricate small plastic parts with detail. I'm looking for a 3d printer that could make action figure parts for custom figures around the 8 inch scale. Is this something 3d printers are capable of, and if so I'd like to construct a printer capable of this. Any advice would be excellent, just point me in the right direction. thanks all.
Re: Need advice please
December 14, 2007 01:15AM
Hi Anthony,

... the actual extruder is capable of nearly 0,5mm (eventually 0,3mm) thick trays from melted plastic, so it's the actual detail-size.

As comercial FDM-printers are capable of 0,2mm to 0,1mm thick traces and other types can output until 0,03 mm wide and 0,02 mm high droplets, this would be the goal to go with the reprap too ...

One major limitation of the present system is the lack of a second support-extruder (so you can't make overhangs) but it's adressed too.

So i'll say it's possible, but you have some limitations ...


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Re: Need advice please
December 14, 2007 09:47AM
Excellent, very good to hear. Looks like I have a building project then. Thanks for the help.
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