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extruder on all three axis's

Posted by Karzin 
extruder on all three axis's
January 16, 2017 10:57AM

im new to this world, and thinking of building a second printer.
I've built the prusa i3 that i"ve redisigned to be a bit smaller, but barley. and my main problem is that they are rather big commpared to the printing volume. And I've thought of a design that I think would make the printer smaller but still printing i the volume of the same size

So I was wondering are there any other printers that puts the extruder on all three axis. I know of Delta and prusa models, but thats all that google image shows when i typo 'different types of ęd printers' LOL
Re: extruder on all three axis's
January 16, 2017 01:16PM
It depends on what matters to you most: desk area, height, or both. For reducing desk area, it's hard to beat the delta unless you mostly do large square prints, but you pay for it in extra machine height. CoreXY. Hbot and similar machines with a bed that moves in the Z axis are more economical on height than deltas, but the frames tend to be quite a bit larger than the bed size. You can build a CoreXY or Hbot machine with a gantry moving in Z instead of the bed, but the same applies.

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