Where to modify the code for filament feed ...
January 18, 2017 07:41PM
I just built my Wilson II, and it is basically a Prusa. The filament feed is 41mm when I tell it to feed 100mm. I've seen all of the configuration calculations and stuff but ....

What file do I modify to change to feed to get it close to 100 mm from 41mm? Do I just set a value in the controller?


T.F. Prunejuice

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Re: Where to moody the code for filament feed ...
January 18, 2017 11:10PM
Look up "Toms guide calibrating your extruder", its a good youtube video that will explain and show you how. (would link but at work and youtube is blocked)

Also did you know about the wilson community, tones of extra info there to help you out, also Marty has some great vids on building and setting up all his printers.

Re: Where to modify the code for filament feed ...
February 01, 2017 11:58PM
you need to change the extruder steps/mm either in config or eprom read what your current value is lets say its 80 and you only get 41 then for 100 you need 80 * 100/41 =195 steps/mm for extruder this can be changed if you view eprom settings and find extruder it will show your current value XX multiply that by 100 you told to extrude and divide that by what came out 41 and you get the new value you change xx to be and retry...its algaebra 80/41=x/100.....
Re: Where to modify the code for filament feed ...
February 03, 2017 07:43AM
Thank you guys. I have not touched the printer for a few weeks, but I have the calibration set.

My printer is in a tiny laundry room ... but wait, it gets better .... The printer sits next to an 8' wide x 3' tall opening to the inside of the house - a megadraft. The last I tried to print, I was getting under extrusion on the top layers.

I just ordered a bunch of .4 nozzles and I will try to print this weekend.

If any one is still reading, in addition extrusion, should all axis be calibrated using the same formula? What else needs to be calibrated?

I started with Acura and changed to slic3r, and I like slic3r. Is the $150 slicer worth the money?THANKS
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