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H-BOT printer mirror/inverse print?

Posted by pikelo 
H-BOT printer mirror/inverse print?
January 20, 2017 05:35AM
Hello guys, I have two issues with an H-BOT printer, here I attached a picture with the two issue what I think it describes much better than explain it..

1.- I setted the H-bot printer as picture, motor 1 and 2 at back side. Y-min endstop at back left, & X-min endstop at left side.
It seems the X-asis print in the right direction but inverted at Y-axis?? How could I solve this issue in a H-bot printer?

2.- The printer is a large version and z side is around 400mm. I tested to print a tall cube and the result is till 200mm or so print correct and then it shift on X-axis a little (around 1/3mm in around 100mm tall.
I guess it's a Z-axis calibration?

I appreciate all your replies and help!!

Re: H-BOT printer mirror/inverse print?
January 20, 2017 05:14PM
1. If you have chosen the X=0 Y=0 point to be at the back left, with X being left-right, then you have chosen a left-hand coordinate system, which is why you get mirrored prints. Either swap the X and Y axes so that Y is left-right, or make (0, 0) the front left corner. Either way, you will need to swap over your X and Y motor connections and sort out the homing.

2. How is your Z axis constructed? What constrains it to move in a vertical direction only?

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