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Make me weep winking smiley

Posted by Srek 
Make me weep winking smiley
January 31, 2017 05:24PM
Small challenge.
I am pretty happy with how my latest prototype printer performes, so i decided to get disillusioned smiling smiley
This is the part i am printing

It is printed from TPU with a layer height of 0.2mm, using a 0.3 nozzle and 60% infill. 3 top and bottom solid layers and 4 perimeter shells make this pretty solid though.
Print time was 45 minutes. Let me add that layer adhesion is pretty much perfect.
If you like a challenge please download the zipped STL and print it with any flexible material you have laying around and post your result.
Mine is far from perfect so i expect to see better results than this, the question though is, what does it take to be better and how large are the differences?
Please don't take this to seriously, i expect it to be a learning eyperience for all involved since printing flexible materials is always a challenge.
Good luck

open | download - Pins 02.zip (316 KB)
Re: Make me weep winking smiley
February 01, 2017 09:47AM
Best I can do at short notice. I haven't really tuned TPE properly yet.

Settings similar to yours, layer height of 0.2mm, 0.3 nozzle and it doesn't matter what the infill is, as it's always drawing either perimeters or top and bottom shells.
It will always be tricky to get nice sharp edges on a very thin tower, but these ones are OK I guess.

I did cut the model down a bit so that it wasn't using as much filament and time. I think that 9 points are enough to see what's going on.

The model needed a bit of cleaning up, it had a lot of bad faces so I ran it through Netfabb before chopping it up. I've attached the model I used.
open | download - Pins 02_fixed_smaller.stl.zip (320.9 KB)
Re: Make me weep winking smiley
February 01, 2017 09:53AM
Thanks for taking part smiling smiley
The stringing looks a good deal better than for me.
Did you use part cooling with the TPE? I had very mixed results from superior surface down to nearly non existent layer adhesion.
How long did the print take?
It looks a bit as if the model is scaled in z direction, the model should be 20mm in height.

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Re: Make me weep winking smiley
February 01, 2017 10:05AM
It's not scaled, the print was 20mm in height.

I did use light cooling (8-20% based on time), layer adhesion is excellent. Never had a problem with it. Upping the temperature and using extrusion widths of wider than the nozzle size take care of that easily.

Print duration was half an hour give or take, I wasn't timing it. I was printing sloooowww... 12mm/s.

To improve stringing, the best strategy I've found is to speed up travel moves, I use whatever my printer can do, I think it's about 150 mm/s.

Your layer registration is better than mine, perhaps the difference between TPU and TPE might account for some of that.
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