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miniRambo Heated Bed Not Working

Posted by S0l1ps1st 
miniRambo Heated Bed Not Working
March 03, 2017 09:48PM
I recently purchased a miniRambo v1.3 controller board. Took me about a week but I got everything re-pinned and properly plugged and working. Except for the heated bed. When I turn the heated bed on from Repetier, the LCD shows the current and set temperature like it should, but the bed doesn't heat.
I checked the voltage at the pins on the board while the bed was enabled and I'm getting zero. All the motors, endstops, fans et cetera work normally. I checked the fuse (which I think is an awesome feature on the Rambo boards) and it is intact.
It's possible I'm missing something in the firmware but I'm not sure. I hope it isn't a faulty board, I've been waiting months to be able to get printing again. I went to the ultimachine website, which is where I bought the board, and they pointed me this way for troubleshooting so "questions and answers are included in the greater knowledge base, and it can benefit the greater RepRap community" which I definitely agree with.
So, what can I do? Thanks in advance.
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