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War against ripples

Posted by icefire 
Re: War against ripples
July 03, 2017 11:47AM
Have you seen this [www.ebay.co.uk] expensive but I've been thinking of trying it.

Simon Khoury

Co-founder of [www.precisionpiezo.co.uk] Accurate, repeatable, versatile Z-Probes
Re: War against ripples
July 03, 2017 12:30PM
Have you seen this [www.ebay.co.uk] expensive but I've been thinking of trying it.

Looking at it up-close I think that irregularity of the tooth shape and lower friction due to fiberglass may add backlash lower repeatability.
Re: War against ripples
July 03, 2017 09:23PM
I havent read through this entire thread but I will add my 2 cents about rippling. I believe you can minimize it by making the machine mechanically sound and trying to optimize the steppers via different drivers as well as playing with acceleration, etc. I did all that then added a 3:1 reduction on x and y and guess what? got the same effect. The same approx. ripple spacing (in my application).Different belt materials and tension, fast, slow, still could produce the effect in any direction. I have a super eyes digital camera mounted on my machine and although it is very helpful in tuning you cant tell what is causing the rippling even through high magnification. No obvious pulsing of the extrusion.
I work for a hi-tech company and we have top of the line 3d printers. The ones that shoot plastic still produce this rippling mainly around sharp corners and horizontal holes.If it was a simple problem you would think the high end manufacturers would have figured it out. I did not try the reduction on the extruder but did use various drivers and microstepping with no change. Its been over a year since I did all this but was ultimately left with the feeling that the rippling comes from how the moves are executed in the software. Im pretty ignorant in that area but thats the only thing that made sense to me after trying so many different things and not being able to completly eliminate it.. If I ever decide to pursue this further I will try a reduction on the extruder mainly to confirm it isnt a hardware issue.
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Re: War against ripples
July 03, 2017 09:36PM
The slower I corner the lower the ripples, which software decelerates into & out of corners?
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