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heater faulr and replacement

Posted by Gaou 
heater faulr and replacement
March 27, 2017 03:23PM
Guys during the last 3 days i am getting faults on the heater (duet) so i am loosing the prints . today were the fault happens while i was present i saw that it wasn't the thermistor but the heater itself as it was droping down like losing connection.
Indeed i had this checked and when it gets hot if you move the wires then i can see a small spark that means that something is loosed or broken and when everything gets is starts to move and play.

the problem is that i dont have another 12v heater but i do have 2 of 24 volts . the 12v was rated at 4ohms and the 24v measured and they are 15ohms. Int the duet configuration i had the pwm value at 0.45 and it was telling me it was overpowered . Is there any change to do prints with the 24v heater on a 12v psu or the psu will struggle to reach the proper temps?

please advice


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Delta Printer
Duet 0.8.5 firmware 1.19
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