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PT100 temperature sensor question

Posted by WZ9V 
PT100 temperature sensor question
April 05, 2017 05:52PM
I'm thinking of replacing my E3D thermistor cartridge with the PT100 setup.

Can I stick a connector in the cable without throwing off the readings or do the cables have to run straight to the adapter board?

PT100 ---- Connectors ------ Duet WiFi with adapter


PT100 --------------------------- Duet WiFi with adapter

I'd like to use a connector because it makes it easy to remove the effector platform on my Delta for maintenance, etc.
Re: PT100 temperature sensor question
April 06, 2017 02:34AM
If you use a 2 wire connection from the PT100 to the interface, then any resistance in the connectors will increase the temperature reading. 0.4 ohms of resistance increases the reading by about 1C. You can avoid this by using a 4-wire connection. I described how to do this in my blog entry at [miscsolutions.wordpress.com].

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Disclosure: I design Duet electronics and work on RepRapFirmware, [duet3d.com].
Re: PT100 temperature sensor question
April 06, 2017 09:08AM
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