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Whick Prusa kit to buy?

Posted by Dazzy 
Whick Prusa kit to buy?
April 14, 2017 09:17PM
Hello my name is Dazzy and I'm new to this forum and I'm keen to buy a prusa in kit therefore based on the RepRap Machines organized by Name.

It appears that the General Mendel, Omerod & Prusa i3 Variants have a larger volume of posts, topics and followers.

Which reprap printer should I consider buying?

I can purchase a RepRap Dream build at [3dprintersplus.com.au]

or [www.kad3d.com.au] ( prusa gen3.5 or prusa gen 4.0 )


and the prices are seem fair. Does anyone have any comments on the above prusa variant machines?

Thanks for your feedback

Re: Whick Prusa kit to buy?
April 15, 2017 05:03AM
If you can afford that kad 3D one, you're not far off the money for an original i3 mk2 kit.
Re: Whick Prusa kit to buy?
April 15, 2017 02:04PM
I Agree.
Look at genuine i3 mk2
Re: Whick Prusa kit to buy?
April 15, 2017 06:22PM
Thanks Slippyr4 & SatorCodex

I've ordered a Sintron 3D Printer full complete Kit for Reprap Prusa i3 ,MK3,LCD,MK8 extruder from ebay.com.au @ AU$429.95.

I'm aware that this is most likley not the ideal printer, just bought it as a starting point. The order time for say a prusa i3 mk2 from prusa.com is becoming way too long for me, but it's definitely the right model based on the ongoing development.

I need to to get into this exiting area now, as I've been studying the ideas behind the development and models that I know I can build for the last 6 months or so.

Re: Whick Prusa kit to buy?
April 15, 2017 08:11PM
Lots of assembly video's of the BEE Creative, but coudnt find one printing?
Your first link looks real nasty, I like the yellow one but that's been discussed, had some issues if I remember correctly.
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