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Can TMC2100 drive Nema17 stepper ?

Posted by DaveOB 
Can TMC2100 drive Nema17 stepper ?
April 27, 2017 05:50PM

Considering the TMC2100 driver for my i3 that has Nema17 1.7A steppers.

I see the specs on the TMC2100 drivers are :
I see the specs of the TMC2100 list :
Default Vref is 0.65v, Max 1.3V,Min 0.
Default Current is 0.5a, Max current is 1A ... does this mean that I can not run my steppers using the TMC2100 driver ?
Re: Can TMC2100 drive Nema17 stepper ?
April 27, 2017 06:41PM
It means you cant achieve maximum torque with those steppers and drivers.

If it will work depends on the friction involved on each motor/axis and the torque delivered at the current provided.

easiest just to try it...
Re: Can TMC2100 drive Nema17 stepper ?
April 27, 2017 06:51PM
My experience is that they might work but there is a sweet spot at which they will work, but you can be just fractionally either side of that spot and they wont work. There is a thread about them.

If the current is too low the torque is not enough and they skip steps, if its too high they get too hot and skip steps.

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