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Pause in G-code for Marlin?

Posted by David J 
Pause in G-code for Marlin?
May 15, 2017 09:54AM
When I use my CoreXY printer with a Duet board I insert the command M226 into the gcode in the appropriate place - the pause.g macro runs and the print head is moved aside so that I can change the filament (e.g. for a colour change). This works well.

However, when I try to do the same on my RAMPS-powered Prusa i3 this command doesn't work - according to the RepRapWiki gcode page, this won't work for Marlin - at least, not in the way I want it to work. The only other command I could find was M25, but the RepRapWiki states that this should not be inserted into the gcode, and instead to use M226... which won't work.

When I print to the Prusa using Repetier-Host there is a 'do this when the user clicks on pause' script, but I'd like to do it automatically.

So, the big question is - how can I insert a pause into Marlin's gcode? Is it even possible?
Re: Pause in G-code for Marlin?
July 07, 2017 12:03AM
Hey David,

I am looking for the same thing... What I have found sofar, is that you can use the G4 Dwell command, That works in Marlin, but you have to state the Length of the pause, in seconds or milliseconds... (Like G4 S30 ; pausing for 30 seconds) I am looking for a way to add a pause-print command in the g code, and then resume it by pushing a button... I thought this would be possible with M226, but in Marlin, you need to set for which value of which pin it is waiting... So if the push button on the LCD has a pin, and I would know the number of it, that could work... Let me know if you have solved this issue already please.

Re: Pause in G-code for Marlin?
July 07, 2017 04:08AM
Steer Clear of M25 its an endless loop(or the Road to Hell as affectionately) known. I've wondered how people do a pause or emergency halt, and move away from print while you mess about with something that needs attention, and possibly cool a little or even allow a little purging...suppose change filament contains some of the commands, but my instinct is to hit pause, not type g-code....and by this time I realise the jobs probably had it, thankfully it hasnt happened much but a pain remembered.
Re: Pause in G-code for Marlin?
July 07, 2017 09:38AM
Of course it'd be better to hit pause, instead of typing a g-code to pause... but what if you're not there... I have been wanting to start a large print, that has at the end a few filament changes... Now the way to implement filament change is M600, at least it is for my Original Prusa i3 Mk2S. The extruder moves out of the way (you can even specify where you want it) and asks you to change filament. It will even feed it for you and asks for confirmation that it's clear, then continue printing where it left off. The only problem with this is that the first filament change is after about 7 hours, and whenever I start the print, 7 hours later, I am always either sleeping or at work. I can have it wait for me to come home and change the filament, but while it's waiting (for hours) the bed and the extruder are kept warm, and the thing is beeping for my attention, which might be annoying for my wife and kids that are home... So what I want to do, is add a pause right before the filament change... where it moves out of the way, cools down the extruder and the bed, and wait for me patiently to resume the print... any suggestions?

Re: Pause in G-code for Marlin?
April 16, 2019 05:12PM
I struggled with this for a while... then found this. It pauses the print and allows you to change the filament and then, click on continue to carry on the print!

M0 Click to continue

Works on Geeetech Prusa ProB i3 running Marlin 1.1.8

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