McMaster BOM for Metric Prusa Vitamins
March 17, 2011 11:52PM
The SAE Prusa wiki page has a very convenient list of McMaster-Carr part numbers for those of us in the USA, but I haven't found a similar list for the metric model, so I tried putting one together in Google Docs. (I'm happy for this list to go into the wiki or elsewhere once it's been checked, but for the time being, I didn't want to mislead anybody.)

Side-by-side SAE vs. Metric BOM

I haven't put together a RepRap yet, so I used my best guesses from the Mendel parts list, but there are a few lines I haven't filled out yet. Has anyone gone through this exercise, and can you help me fill out the rest? Are there better parts to use than the ones I listed?

So far the prices look pretty comparable for SAE vs. metric. I get $85.31 for SAE, and the metric parts will probably be in the mid-$90s.

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Re: McMaster BOM for Metric Prusa Vitamins
March 19, 2011 06:03PM
My breakdown.

This might help. Might be incomplete.

-John, San Diego, CA

MrJohnEcker on Twitter, Gmail
Re: McMaster BOM for Metric Prusa Vitamins
March 20, 2011 04:15PM
John -- Thanks for that! I like your breakdown of "Lowest Cost Possible" -- if you were building multiple copies or selling kits -- versus the actual "Cost Most Likely" to build one.

Here are the differences I see between your list and the one I posted earlier:

* Your M3 x 10MM BOLT (MOTORS) (91290A144) is actually an M4. The wiki has 91290A115 for that part.
* Your 5/16" washers (91090A110) are slightly smaller than the wiki's (90126A030) and come in a smaller quantity (100 vs. 192) but at a slightly lower cost per box ($3.87 vs $4.17).
* Using the 6' rods (98914A030) in your list is more cost effective than using 3' rods (98841A030), both on a per-foot basis and because you get help on the cut list, so you save $3.14. I wonder what this does to the shipping.

Other parts:
* I didn't have zip ties (7130K12). Probably a good idea!
* I feel like you should be able to get cheaper stepper motors than $14.95, but there seems to be a general stepper motor shortage going on, so maybe that's the best available.
* The RAMPS DIY kit ($162) isn't too hard to put together. For the cost difference, someone who already had a decent soldering iron could pick up a few Adafruit kits to practice soldering on.
Re: McMaster BOM for Metric Prusa Vitamins
March 27, 2011 06:58PM
I've become aware of a couple other BOMs. Maybe these should all go in the wiki somewhere, or become wiki pages themselves?

Re: McMaster BOM for Metric Prusa Vitamins
July 19, 2011 02:02AM
I cant find the SAE BOM anywhere, and this one seems down atm, could anyone re upload it?
I ask because I'm not buying from McMaster-Carr and need the exact numbers
Re: McMaster BOM for Metric Prusa Vitamins
July 19, 2011 05:12AM
The SAE one is just on the wiki:


I haven't updated my Google doc in a while, but for some reason I couldn't open it either. And just after typing that, it seems to be back online.

If you come up with a parts list from another supplier, post it somewhere online to save someone some effort.
Re: McMaster BOM for Metric Prusa Vitamins
July 20, 2011 12:37AM
Personally, my prusa is built using all SAE parts except the small (m3,m4) bolts and the m8 threaded rod for the z axis... makes it the same as any other metric mendel
Re: McMaster BOM for Metric Prusa Vitamins
September 11, 2011 11:23PM
I'll throw mine into the list, too, in case it's helpful - includes part numbers for both the extruder and printer. []
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