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Extrusion problems

Posted by Alexandier 
Extrusion problems
July 10, 2017 03:47PM
Hell everyone , I would like a help with a problem I have. I have made a custom build 3d printer and I'm using Arduino uno and cnc shield for it. I have 4 stepper nema 17 3 for axis and 1 for extruder. I have calibrate my steppers so I can adjust the steps per mm
with the classic way. anyhow my problem is that I have calibrate my E stepper with my hot end disable, I asked to extrude 100mm and measure the results and so on (btw using Bowden extruder). so when I turn on my hot end and I ask to extruder for example 100mm it extrude less. so my question is so I calibrate e stepper with hot end on? or it doesn't matter and there is a problem somewhere else? and one more thing about microsteps. atm I have full steps ive heard that mostly ppl using microsteps for better result , I have find out from other forums that X,Y can use 1/16 micro steps and Z 1/8 but how about E ? if I use microsteps wont I loose torque? and since I underextrude wont that be more problem for me?

those r my questions atm and b4 u answer me I should warn u that I'm totally noob on those things so try to explain in plain English smiling smiley Thx in advance.
Re: Extrusion problems
July 10, 2017 05:48PM
The E step calculation is based on how much is fed into the extruder, not what comes out of the nozzle
Re: Extrusion problems
July 11, 2017 10:23AM
Yes of course that's what I meant. I measure the filament that's fed into the extruder when the heater is off and when its on, those measurements are diferent and that leads to underextrusion.
Re: Extrusion problems
July 11, 2017 06:16PM
I would expect it to be a little different but not by much. Do you get a good flow out of your hotend? the fillament might be clogging or jamming giving you a lower than expected number
Re: Extrusion problems
July 11, 2017 07:26PM
When you extrude100mm with the nozzle connected.
What material are you using?
What temperature is the hot-end?
How fast are you stepping the extruder?
Do you hear any clicking noises from the extruder stepper gear Area?

There are many things that could be causing under extrusion. If you give us more information we will be better suited to help.
It is even possible that the Temperature Sensor is giving a wrong temperature reading, because the configuration of the firmware sensor type, bad sensor or loose nozzle heater.

A Loose nozzle heater will start working correctly but because the Heater is loose the nozzle quickly cools causing incorrect filament extrusion.
Re: Extrusion problems
July 12, 2017 11:12AM
Ok so I'm using PLA material 1.75mm sry for nor mention it earlier. a friend told me to use microsteps so I did I'm using 1/16 on all my motors now so I adjust my steps again and did some tests on extrusion again. it seems that now its working better at 200 C temp and the calibrate is right now but I can hear a very small buzz noise from the motor I tried to play with the potentiometer but didn't change anything.so I tried some print tests and for some reason when my printer changes layer instead it moves to the left and starts over again.
ill link some pics from my teacup settings, I think the problem is there.
My bed size is 220*220*220 , have no endstops installed and using Bowden extruder,if u see any fault settings or something I have to change plz let me know cause I'm getting rly frustrated with this project.
Thx in advance.
open | download - mech.jpg (98.7 KB)
open | download - acce.jpg (76.4 KB)
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