LCD menu for dual x carriage
July 11, 2017 10:51PM
I am building a dual x carriage 3D printer and using the Marlin firmware 1.0.x to setup.
But the lcd menu tree can only control X Y Z and one extruder E
I want to add X2 and E2 in the Menu Prepare -> Move Axis, so I can manually move the second carriage and extruder
So far I have looked into the Ultralcd.cpp file and add the following line:

static void lcd_move_x2() { _lcd_move(PSTR("X2"), X_AXIS, X_MIN_POS, X_MAX_POS); }

MENU_ITEM(submenu, MSG_MOVE_X2, lcd_move_x2);

This adds another line in the lcd and shows the X2 option however it only moves the first carriage X1
I think the problem is that I should not use the X_AXIS in the code, but I dont know what command should I use.
How should I define something like X2_AXIS so that I can control X2
open | download - Marlin.rar (352.7 KB)
open | download - ultralcd.cpp (52.2 KB)
Re: LCD menu for dual x carriage
January 17, 2018 02:57PM
Were you able to get a solution for this? Did you find it in another forum?
Re: LCD menu for dual x carriage
October 01, 2018 12:56PM
IDEX needs that!
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