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Help me to buy a new printer - please

Posted by Bking1340 
Help me to buy a new printer - please
July 26, 2017 07:45PM
Good day all

Have build 3 cartesian (prusa I3) printers and 2 delta`s for myself and family. Only have a fully upgraded prusa left and need/want something else.
I have $500 to play with.
Would love to try out a corexy type printer, but not on top of my list: Flyingbear P902 / Folger tech FT-5 (wanted to buy the FT-5, but have recently read some bad reviews) / FLSun Cube.
Then I also checked out the Creality Cr-10 / Tevo Tornado / Tevo Black widow.

My current build plate are 200x200x250 - would like to have a little bit more build area and would like to print at minimum 80mm/s.

Any help will be appreciated - Just struggling to make up my mind.
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