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DIY LCD Resin printer

Posted by harlandraka 
DIY LCD Resin printer
July 29, 2017 06:09PM
I'm planning to build a resin 3D printer with LCD instead of a standard projector.

I will use a 24 inches 4K LCD screen, but I need to decide which resin to pick.

I saw daylight resins, which harden when white light hits it, (the one used by ONO - the smartphone SLA 3d Printer), but I find the color choice very limited.

I read that you can replicate the projector's DLP by replacing the LCD backlight with an UV LED matrix, but some users say that the LCD panel will not let UV rays pass through it and harden the resin.

What would I need to do in order to successfully use a monitor with UV backlight as hardener for the resin?
Re: DIY LCD Resin printer
July 29, 2017 06:55PM
There are different types of LCD screens



tonic water as a UV indicator is neat.

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Re: DIY LCD Resin printer
July 30, 2017 04:43AM
I've already seen this topic, it's interesting indeed. However I don't have the money to buy 6 monitors and try which one is the best for my purpose, that's why I'm asking, I'd like to see if someone had experiences with UV LEDs as backlight.

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