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openmaker.eu Who's Involved?

Posted by MechaBits 
openmaker.eu Who's Involved?
August 02, 2017 11:01PM
I recently found out about openmaker.eu Anyone here heard of them/it?
Anyone Involved, or thinking of getting onboard? Entering the Competition?
If you have heard of them, where did you see the news, as they dont seem to be promoting it effectively. By Accident or Design?

I requested more info re funding competition but received nothing. Some people already seem to know the rules before others.
The Fund is for some kind of Maker/Manufacturing team up, but without further details I can only speculate.

I'm wondering am I a Maker or Manufacturer, I would love to team with a manufacturer to manufacture my parts or help them design theirs, but given the choice, I would like to move from maker to manufacturer once I get my hands on a CNC(and start on some other work/ideas/parts), that would be the preferred path, I plan for the CNC to be available to the community if things go work out, the maker space is nearby.

Hopefully all the competing ideas/teams/partnership creations will be publicized to the wider/ open community prior to final judging for comment by the Maker Community.

Hopefully any maker who makes it through, get's to keep control/rights of their own ideas and not loose them to the manufacturers, though perhaps if it is Open there will be some other small print to look out for?

hmm more info coming soon hopefully.

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Re: openmaker.eu Who's Involved?
August 03, 2017 03:14AM
never heard of them
Re: openmaker.eu Who's Involved?
August 03, 2017 12:19PM
Yup kinda expected that(please anyone else that hadnt heard of it just ping this thread with a no), did you hear about the Makers Town event. I have my theory as to why, but will save it for later, after gathering a little more info.
I know of one maker who seems to have already been given the low down & reserved prize,
long before others have had chance to submit, which seems wrong as they could get better submissions.
Unless you dont publicize it and only the people in the know/loop, Know,

So surely a little extra publicity in the OPEN community, will give them the much needed publicity they deserve.
or is it an EU Sprat to Catch a Macron, Merkal, damn you know I mean Mackeral.

Does the EU have the Vision to see beyond 2020 Horizon?

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Re: openmaker.eu Who's Involved?
August 03, 2017 09:32PM


can anyone else get this page [plusvalue.org]

mine browser says invalid security cert'

seems the projects already been going for some time, so little info, called the local admin/hub and they said they would send more info, nothing yet...seems I have now found it myself...


Project Application PDF's

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Re: openmaker.eu Who's Involved?
August 04, 2017 08:55PM
"OpenMaker: Harnessing the power of Digital Social Platforms to shake up makers and manufacturing entrepreneurs towards a European Open Manufacturing ecosystem" [www.cmpe.boun.edu.tr]


So far their Digital Footprint & Level of Interaction on the Social Platforms seems Virtually Non-existent, so some way to go before shaking anything up.

Unless there is a more highbrow scene somewhere else I Dont know about?

Horizon2020, Atos, Young Foundation, Nesta,

Innovate UK, responsible for millions in funding seems to have few likes & retweets?

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