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Ramps 1.4 Graphic LCD + Reprapworld Keypad

Posted by odtec 
Ramps 1.4 Graphic LCD + Reprapworld Keypad
August 09, 2017 04:39PM
I just started playing with Arduino and Ramps 1.4. I bought a RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller, built Reprapworld Keypad and installed Marin on the Mega just to find out they don't work together using Marlin firmware. I don't know much about coding so I'm asking for help. I know that you can use the functions on the menu using the encoder, but the keypad is something I'd like to have. So, is it possible to have a keypad working together with this LCD ? I don't care if I have to change the keypad or use another firmware, I just want to get a keypad working with this setup, is it possible ?
I'd appreciate any help, thanks.
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