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Encrypted printing

Posted by morpheus1978 
Encrypted printing
August 11, 2017 08:58AM
Hello! Good morning people of the forum,

I consult them maybe someone has already entered the subject, I have a Prusa i3 in my house, and I'm in laps to print remotely, used a raspberry with repetier server ,, but I see that the gcode than i send to te raspberry is storage latesr in the printing process, I am looking for some software or in the cloud that can print remotely but encrypted from the sending to the printing, that there is no way that where the printer is located someone can copy the gcode that I send to Raspberry and then it goes to the printer itself.


(sorry for my english)
Re: Encrypted printing
August 12, 2017 01:37AM
To send data from PC to the Raspberry, you need a separate (WiFi-) router. The WiFi protocoll can be encrypted. That's called WPA-2 .
The encryption is strong enough to keep most hackers out off your system, but NSA and others might have inbuilt backdoors to the WPA-2 protocoll.
Re: Encrypted printing
August 12, 2017 05:53PM

If you have your RPi remote from the host, and use Octoprint (I don't know about Repetier server, but guess it's the same), the connection from host to the RPi can be encrypted with https

If the RPi itself is secure, then it doesn't matter that the Gcode is stored on it. I have my RPi right alongside the printer.

Ultimately, if someone has physical access to the printer (or the connection to it) they'll be able to record your Gcode as it's sent to the printer or even the pulses sent to the steppers and replay them. But if they have access to your printer, they can steal the object once it's printed.
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