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Please Help compiling the adroino and uploading error

Posted by Steven Rude 
Please Help compiling the adroino and uploading error
August 15, 2017 12:11AM
Can someone help. Thru this process, I have realized I am not a DIY person, and getting this printer up and running is a difficult, to say the least, task.

I was trying to compile and upload the code to the adroine board, and it stopped and gave me an error.

Please help!

Here is the error.

Arduino: 1.6.10 (Windows 10), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)"

In file included from sketch\SdFile.h:27:0,

from sketch\cardreader.h:6,

from sketch\Marlin_main.cpp:37:

SdBaseFile.h:38: error: using typedef-name 'fpos_t' after 'struct'

struct fpos_t {


In file included from sketch\Marlin.h:10:0,

from sketch\Marlin_main.cpp:30:

c:\users\steve\downloads\arduino-1.6.10-windows\arduino-1.6.10\hardware\tools\avr\avr\include\stdio.h:950:33: note: 'fpos_t' has a previous declaration here

__extension__ typedef long long fpos_t;


exit status 1
using typedef-name 'fpos_t' after 'struct'

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.
Re: Please Help compiling the adroino and uploading error
August 15, 2017 12:24AM
A lot of people have been posting this error lately and I dont know why. What printer did you buy? And where did you get the firmware file?

This happens when trying to configure an old version of the marlin firmware with a new version of the arduino software.

You have a few options on how to solve this issue.

First I would recommend downloading the latest version of marlin [marlinfw.org] just make sure you change the mechanical setting to match your printer. A quick search for "Marlin firmware setup" on youtube will help you find everything.

If downloading the new version of marlin is noit an option then renaming fpos_t variables in SdBaseFile.h and SdBaseFile.cpp to another name like filepos_t . This should fix your current firmware as fpos_t is used in current arduino compilers so cannot be a variable. Use ctrl + F to help find them. I would recommend making a copy of the firmware file first in case you accidentally make a mistake.

final option if you dont like any of the other two, Down grade your Arduino to version 1.0.6
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