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Marlin problem Mixing extruder

Posted by Ahapid 
Marlin problem Mixing extruder
September 05, 2017 08:19AM
#error "MIXING_EXTRUDER currently only supports one extruder."
#error "You must set MIXING_STEPPERS >= 2 for a mixing extruder."

if i put the extruders less then 1, it says that i have to set it to higher or equal then 2, if i put it higher or equal 2 it, it tells me that mixing extruders are only supporting 1 extruder..... that makes no sense!
has someone else had the same problem?
Re: Marlin problem Mixing extruder
September 05, 2017 08:46AM
It make sense...

there are two variable going on here not one...

you have 1 EXTRUDERS (should probably be called hot ends in this case, but you cant name exerything perfectly to suite all variations)
and N=>2 MIXING_STEPPERS, how many actual extruder steppers you have

so #define EXTRUDERS 1
and #define MIXING_STEPPERS 2 (or 3 or what ever you have)
Re: Marlin problem Mixing extruder
September 05, 2017 09:02AM
Look here Marlin V1 for Diamond HotEnd this might give you some ideal what to do next.

Will continue to look for a newer version of Marlin

Found Here and Here

Hope something here works for you!!!

Leave the information here when you get it working please.

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Re: Marlin problem Mixing extruder
April 03, 2018 06:49AM
Error “MIXING EXTRUDER currently only supports one extruder.”
Hi I have just built Flsun Chimera i3 3d printer and am having trouble with same issue with above error message
I am trying to change Arduino to support 2 x Hot ends with 2 x stepper motors. I have changed motherboard to BOARD_MKS_BASE ok, but as soon as I try to change the number of Extruders to 2, I get error after checking configuration. Exactly the same as DUST in Sept 2017.
I have looked at the replies from that time but seem to answer as if only one extruder and two steppers .. but mine is definatetely two separate Hotends each with its own stepper.
I have tried on Arduino 1.1.2 and 1.1.4 but cannot get around this problem. I may have to run with only one for now but would have liked to start out as intended with dual extruders
Re: Marlin problem Mixing extruder
April 03, 2018 08:08AM
You cannot mix with two extruders...

Disable mixing

You just have just dual extruders.
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