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Multi object printing

Posted by vladoff 
Multi object printing
October 02, 2017 06:01AM
Hi to everyone!
I am trying to print two objects sequentially (object by object) but Simplify 3D wants to print layer by layer,
though I have two processes for each one ( see the pictures). Can someone tell me what is the mistake?

Thanks in advance.
open | download - Capture1.JPG (76.2 KB)
open | download - Capture2.JPG (94.9 KB)
Re: Multi object printing
October 04, 2017 04:26PM
It looks like one of the objects has selected both processes. According to Simplify 3D's multi-part printing tutorial, each object needs its own process.

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Re: Multi object printing
October 05, 2017 08:50PM
I reckon the 0mm height clearance. The Z-Axis is usually designed to only move in one direction during printing. You'd probably have problems if it returned to its zero coordinate to print the second object.

Assuming you had two objects, say 8 to 10cm tall, and it prints the objects sequentially as you'd like, the Z-Axis would have to drop to 0cm to start the second object which would cause the X-Axis smooth rods and carriage to foul the first object which is why the printer prints layer by layer instead.
That's my guess.

Why would you need to print the objects sequentially anyway? I'm surprised that it's given as a choice as I can't see the logic in it.

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