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Most expandable/hackable design?

Posted by derew 
Most expandable/hackable design?
October 02, 2017 09:27AM
While I am reading about Repraps and 3d printers in general I came to the realisation that building a RepRap maybe intrigues me even more than printing. Thus, even I am a beginner in 3d printing I would like my first build to be a versatile model which I will be able to experiment and modify. I understand that because of the open-source approach of the whole Reprap project, this applies to every model, but for starting what would you recomment?

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Re: Most expandable/hackable design?
October 02, 2017 12:44PM

Any 3d Printer is fairly 'hackable'.

If it uses an open source design, and no custom designed parts you shouldn't have an issue.

Cartesian designs are probably the easiest for a pure beginner.

CoreXY offers an alternative means of motion and is a little bit more complicated to understand.

Delta printers can be the most fickle to tinker with.

My personal recommendation? Go with the style of design that interests you the most. My first printer was a CubeX closed source printer I ultimately converted to open source which turned out to be incredibly simple after spending a few days reading the reprap wiki and the forums here.

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