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Dual swinging extruders config with RepRap-Marlin and Smoothieboard

Posted by chromvis 
Dual swinging extruders config with RepRap-Marlin and Smoothieboard
October 12, 2017 06:53PM
I build printer with dual extruders (originally were fixed, but then modified to swinging with servo, thus removing one extruder out of the way). I need to control 2 servos (1 - Z-probe and another for extrudeer change) and 4 fans (2 for cooling extruder top and 2 for each extrusion with ducts. Regular Arduino-based repRap does not have enough pins and software configuration is very confusing for this matter. There are several forks of Marlin for dual extruders but they all seems are in alpha versions still.
I switch to Smoothieboard (32-bit processor and fairly straight forward configuration). Although a bit confusing relationships between "Origin", "home" "Zero" positions and especially between Z-probe and Z-endstop).
Any way, when switching extruders with servo, I need to send different angle values with associated command. All slicers allow for single script for tool switch and no forking or "if" construction is allowed.
Smoothieboard though have "Switch" module in configuration file, and there could be as many modules as you want.
In Documentation for Smoothieboard they advertise (shown in pic).
so, I wrote the following script, which does not work unfortunately.

Appreciate any suggestions.
open | download - Smoothie-V1 switch-doc.png (101.7 KB)
open | download - Switch-module conf.txt (556 bytes)
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