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Need help with getting Ecksbot printer going

Posted by Stevevanderloo 
Need help with getting Ecksbot printer going
November 14, 2017 08:51PM
I have an Ecksbot printer that I am trying to get running. I am currently have problems with the Z axis chattering under any fast speed. At 300% over ride in manual mode the motors chatter. I assume it is stall of some sort. When running a program the X and Y seem to run smooth but no such luck with Z.

There does not appear to be any binding and the carriage moves freely up and down the rails.

What speed should the Z axis be able to run it? Do I have bad motors? Bad amp?

Re: Need help with getting Ecksbot printer going
November 20, 2017 05:44PM
the z axis does not need to run at high speed one layer height every layer say .2mm try adjusting the current pot on z axis driver board if it runs good at 5mm/s that will be ok
Re: Need help with getting Ecksbot printer going
November 23, 2017 12:03PM
Thanks Roger123D for the reply.

I have progressed a little further. The gcode spits out a high value for the Z axis when it rapids from park to start position. The line is noted below:

"N25 G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle"

The value is F5000 which I take it as 5000 mm/min. I know this now to be way to fast. I believe 200 to 300 mm/min would be typical? Any comments on this would be good.

Past there other G code lines for Z movement are F7800? Where are these speeds coming from?

I looked at the original Marlin Firmwware file that would have been uploaded and I can't see anything abnormal for speed. The value i saw was 3, and the steps/rev were something like 2560.

The Repetier host is from 2013 as is the slicer3r.

Is there a method of actually looking at the eeprom settings to see what is actually loaded for Z speeds?

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