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Glue advise ABS to steel

Posted by tmorris9 
Glue advise ABS to steel
December 05, 2017 03:53AM
I have always counted on JB Weld (Epoxy) for super strong bonds but lately I have had magnets glued to ABS and they come loose from the plastic side but not the magnet side (can't get it off the magnets so it's strong). It peels cleanly off the ABS plastic leaving nothing on the ABS at all and leaving a perfect imprint of the print texture in the JB Weld.

So, what is a good very strong and long lasting (years at minimum) for ABS to metal?

Re: Glue advise ABS to steel
December 05, 2017 05:36AM
Although standard epoxies and superglues should work with ABS, both are available in plastic specific types e.g., [www.loctiteproducts.com]
It may be that ABS gets a fairly impervious surface from the hot end and giving it a brush over with acetone, MKS or a mixture of the two may work as may roughening the surface to be glued. Variations of the added ingredients in different ABS filaments may mean that what will work for one won't work for all though.

Re: Glue advise ABS to steel
December 06, 2017 01:18AM
The Loctite plastic bonder Mike mentioned should work well. They call it an epoxy (probably because it mixes in 2 parts like epoxy) but it is actually methyl methacrylate (MMA). It is highly volatile, nasty stuff to work with, but it does seem to stick to all but the most slippery of plastics quite nicely - almost acting as a solvent. Devcon's Plastic Welder is another commonly available version of MMA.

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Re: Glue advise ABS to steel
December 06, 2017 07:29AM
Sticking ABS to steel is a problem if it ever gets subjected to temperature variations. ABS expands when warm and that will put a lot of shear force on the glue joint. I'd probably try a glue that has a little give, like a polyurethane glue (gorilla glue) or contact cement.

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Re: Glue advise ABS to steel
December 08, 2017 10:51PM
Thanks for the recommendations. Going to give these a try

The_Digital_Dentist Mostly this is for gluing magnets to plastic for use in my home and here in Southern CA indoors is normally 55f-80f so nothing major.
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