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Currently have prusa i2, looking to upgrade

Posted by kickinthethroat 
Currently have prusa i2, looking to upgrade
December 06, 2017 10:13PM
Hey all, looking for some suggestions...

I currently have a prusa i2 I built long ago... It works but it doesn't quite have the print quality I would like. I'm looking for a more stable build (metal?) with bed leveling and more modern features. It will mostly be used to print toys and random models.

Any ideas for a kit in the $200 range? I've heard of the P3metal, but it seems no kits from USA? Looking at the bill of materials, I could cannibalize the i2 and save a little.. but I'm thinking I could save more if I kept the i2 together and sold it? Or used it as a backup.

Any other options I'm missing? Thanks!
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