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Newbe with printing issue

Posted by wtyler3 
Newbe with printing issue
December 17, 2017 10:30AM
Hi all,

Newb here. I bought a Makerfarm Prusa years ago that I never could get to work. I would try on and off but only got blobs of plastic. I would get so frustrated that I left it sit for long periods of time.

I decided to get it going and did a whole lot of upgrading. I now have dual extruders, servo based autobed leveler, I built a Nova Labs Fan board running off the 12V outlet on the ramps 1.4, 5 DVR8825 stepper motors. Glass on heated bed.

I have probably had very type of problem getting all of this to work up to and including crashing my computer and the RAMPS board requiring replacement of both but I am about 90% there. I am only using one extruder until i get this thing working.Took me a long time to figure out how to position the head at print level using the Z offset unction in Slic3r.

G29 question
1. The system start measuring the bed 20-30mm form the right edge and proceeds to measure 9 points even though in firmware It is supposed to be 3.
2. Why doesn't the system home back to (0,0,0) after - when I run G29 in Slic3r it actually stops after the execution and that causes a ton of problems with print head height.
3. I want o code it to move back to home position but that wipes out the information for the leveling?

Print problems - ABS, head 250C, bed 90C, Pronterface controller, 10mm at 100mm/min extrusion speed.
The first layers are terrible. The extruder motor doesn't start moving until the skirt/brim has been run through by the printer. It eventually starts going. So the first 25% of the built is missing layers at the bottom, etc. As the print builds however, the print gets tighter and tighter and the last half looks really good. I cant find where the issue might be. I need to run slic3r 0.9.9 version, any newer version seems to be a problem.

I am using the firmware version from the maker of the dual extrusion since all the coding was in there, and added bed leveling coding and fan board pins assignments.

Any thoughts on where/why the coding doesn't start the extrusion at the time of the skirts being built? I have attached the gcode.
open | download - RAMPS_Fan_MountmagI38-40v4.gcode (442.6 KB)
Re: Newbe with printing issue
December 19, 2017 05:52PM
Are you using relative or absolute commands for extrusion? It might be a mismatch. You want your firmware and slicer to both be doing the same thing.

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