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Viewer Friendly Directions (Entry Level)

Posted by redskinsjbs 
Viewer Friendly Directions (Entry Level)
January 03, 2008 09:27PM
The intent of this thread to get input on a friendlier version of the directions to building a RepRap. This is a project that I am currently working on to try to bridge that gap between the extremely techy who are currently constructing to those who are just interested in the project.


**NOTE** There are no slides attached to the arduino or mechanical threads yet. To view the best representation, go to electronics > Generation 1

Any input is valued input, so please feel free to bash or praise it, but please be nice. I figure that flash is he best way to do this because any browser has the capability to play flash movies.

Re: Viewer Friendly Directions (Entry Level)
January 04, 2008 06:57AM
Great Initiative!

Being a half-assed technichian and rather good at teaching (it runs in the family) I might be useful in "spreading the gospell".

Once I understood something fully myself I can teach it to a rock if I must!

Re: Viewer Friendly Directions (Entry Level)
January 06, 2008 09:20AM
If someone would be willing to take step by step photos of them construction a generation 1 Universal Controller board, it would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. I would like to have it in the presentation.

Re: Viewer Friendly Directions (Entry Level)
January 06, 2008 11:42AM
Hi Jay I'm about to build one in the next few days if you PM me with what you need I'll try to do what I can. I'm good with a soldering iron etc it's the camera bit I'm not so sure about confused smiley

You might take inspiration from my user friendly repstrap construction howto.

Post it on instructables and make a time-lapse video of contruction or a multipart series of videos of the hard steps.
Re: Viewer Friendly Directions (Entry Level)
January 07, 2008 09:23PM
Great Idea. Now I just have to debug my flash slides because they just stopped doing their transistions for not particular reason.

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