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Fried heatbed mosfet

Posted by vitorbrazil 
Fried heatbed mosfet
February 05, 2018 10:55AM
Hi, I'm building a 3d printer, I finished everything, tested the steppers, turned the heatbed and extruder on, both heated nicely. So after regulating the bed, I opened pronterface and started printing. Everything was going fine, extruder and bed were still heating up, when suddenly smoke starts coming out of ramps. I shut everything down, and I can see that the heatbed mosfet is fried, it even melted the plastic connector from the heatbed a bit. But everything else is fine, no burned polyfuse(from the looks of it), steppers working normally, the only thing that fried was the mosfet.

Now, I wonder what caused this, I tested the bed afterwards, it had a resistance of 1ohm, every other component is fine, no sign of shorts. Could this be a simple component defect, or should I look for another problem. I'm not sure how to proceed, I will replace the mosfet and try again, but I'm afraid of damaging the rest of the board, this time I got lucky.

My heatbed resistance, according to the manufacturer, is 0.8ohm(I measured 1ohm, but my multimeter smallest scale precision is 200), so that would give about 15amps of current draw.

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Re: Fried heatbed mosfet
February 05, 2018 11:59AM
... too much power, insufficient cooling...

Re: Fried heatbed mosfet
February 05, 2018 12:24PM
15 amps is almost certainly too much for the heatbed connector too, particularly if it's a cheap Chinese RAMPS.


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Re: Fried heatbed mosfet
February 05, 2018 12:34PM
Replace the mosfet be sure to add a heat sink this will assist the mosfet in keeping cooler. Myself I added a fan to keep the all components cooler.
My controller is different than your but I too added a heat-sink on my Base v1.3 and MPS.3 controllers as they were running too hot for my liking.
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