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Reference Material - Books-etc Recomendations please etc

Posted by vizion 
Reference Material - Books-etc Recomendations please etc
April 16, 2011 01:32PM

I have posted this with a view to having a thread to which everyone can refer containing recomendations for reference material. Can I suggest the following format be used. If information not available under any heading then leave it blank.

Publication Date:
Reference (ISBN etc):
Available formats (e.g Hardback, Softback, Kindle):
Expert Level Range n-n (where 0 = absolute Beginner & 10 = Guru):
Brief Review (if you have time to write one):
Who should get this:
Recomendation Level 0 (Useless) - 10 (Every RepRapper should have a copy):
Web Reference:

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